Full moon

The lights of the city have dimmed tonight This makes the stars shine brighter The full moon seems closer And as I look out my window I tell the moon my wish: To help me search for you To search in every city To tell you that I miss you To search on every road... Continue Reading →



Dear Sage, I went on a walk today because the sky was so blue that it called me outdoors. I wanted to feel the warm rays of the sun for one last time before they are gone for a while. Before they move hemispheres. The wind was blowing so gently that it warmed me to... Continue Reading →

Have you ever wondered?

Dear Sage, I was walking to work one morning It was dark outside And it was raining so hard That the only thing I could hear was the rain Falling, falling Pouring The only thing I could feel was the rain Wet, wet Soaking The only thing I could smell was the rain Pure, pure... Continue Reading →

Love took me by the hand

Our journey was like a dream Love took me away by the hand Without telling me where we were going It was gentle It was insistent It didn’t make a sound It took me by surprise Love took me by the heart And now you are here And there’s no remorse or fear No pain,... Continue Reading →

The world keeps turning

I watched the sky tonight Lost in its silence I watched the stars Found in their light And I saw That they kept moving The world doesn’t stop Not for a single moment Not for you Not for me Stories start Some end People fall in love And out People suffer And rejoice The world... Continue Reading →

I don’t know how to swim

I thought this life would be A wonderful adventure But now I find myself alone Not knowing how to swim Is this my destiny? In this angry sea of people Drowning every day? Time doesn’t touch me And I have tried to change But I can’t manage To find myself a place Come and save... Continue Reading →

Meet me at the equinox

Dear Sage, Today the stars and planets have aligned To create the perfect equilibrium The symmetry, the harmony The craved peace Half light, half darkness Just like most people’s hearts And even though the Earth trembles Seas rise and fires roar We have the certainty We’ll always meet each other halfway, At the equinox

Welcome to reality!

Dear Sage, You know those moments in your life when you want to quit your job twenty times a day? Those days you get stuck in traffic for hours? Or when you feel alone in the world because you are so misunderstood? The days when you just moan and complain. Your life is hard and... Continue Reading →

Learning to see again

Dear Sage, For much of my childhood, things have been hazy, unclear, unfocused. Sometimes I wasn’t even aware they were there, that they existed. As a child, I thought it was normal not to see what the teacher was writing on the board. I thought it was normal not to recognize people on the street.... Continue Reading →

Letter to my Sedentary Self

Dear Sedentary Layabout (earlier version of me), You are about to undertake a journey which may make you feel worse before you feel better. You will push yourself hard and will get used to the feeling of being drenched in sweat. (You will even come to embrace that feeling.) You will discover something called "Grit"... Continue Reading →

I miss you

Dear Sage, I remember the first time I saw her She was the tiniest of all her brothers and sisters But she also had more spirit than all of them put together With her shiny black fur and curly, wagging tail With her black eyes that said I want to be your best friend forever... Continue Reading →

I have been nominated for a Most Active Blog Award

Hello! This is a little different from my usual posts. I’d like to thank joharaally for nominating me for a Most Active Blog Award. She writes about her everyday experiences so definitely check her blog out. My nominees are: https://myownkindofbeautiful.com/ https://simplythabang.wordpress.com/ https://halfarsed-runner.blog/ https://learningtobefierce.wordpress.com/ https://mojoandme.wordpress.com/ To my nominees, these are the rules: ·         Create a new... Continue Reading →

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