Somewhere only I know

Dear Sage, I’ve roamed these narrow streets all my life. I know them like the back of my hand. I know every nook and cranny, every hiding place, every pathway and shortcut. Every smell, every emotion. I know it so well that it became a part of me. Part of my DNA. I know it […]

Be wary

Dear Sage, People don’t change. At least, speaking from my personal experience, they don’t. So be careful. Be wary of promises of fresh starts, new pages and new beginnings. The intention might be there, but rarely does a change really happen in a person. And that’s fine. We are who we are. But we have […]


Dear Sage, I vividly remember both the first time I saw him and the last. There are not many people I can say that about. The first time I saw him he was an awkward teenager dressed in a suit. I remember thinking he was going to become the most charming young man. And he […]

Slow Death

Dear Sage, They say bad things come in threes. It seems like so does death. I don’t know how to start writing this, but I need to get it out of my mind and off my chest. Maybe this way it will stop haunting me. It was cancer. She was in her early forties. It […]

Storm Inside

Dear Sage,

I feel like I’ve spent the last few months hiding from myself, hiding in myself. Running from the world.
Words just stopped coming to me. Or maybe they came too fast for me to catch them.
I couldn’t put them on paper because I was afraid of what was going to come out. I still am.
This was not what I meant to write about. I meant to tell you about the summer storm outside. Instead it came out about the storm inside.
That’s why I’m afraid to write.

Meet me at the equinox

Today the stars and planets have aligned To create the perfect equilibrium The symmetry, the harmony The craved peace Half light, half darkness Just like most people’s hearts And even though the Earth trembles Seas rise and fires roar We have the certainty We’ll always meet each other halfway, At the equinox


Why do you keep running away? As if I didn’t give you everything that I am Why are you scared? As if I didn’t protect you with my own life Why do you hide? As if I didn’t lay my soul bare in front of you Why do you keep so many secrets? Like I […]